Ray Harryhausen may not be familiar to everyone but to those who do know it, his name stands as a landmark in the history of a genre and cinematic art, the art of dimensional stop-motion animation.  Ray made his name by developing fantastic stories and creatures based on legends and mythology and creating a unique genre of fantasy films during the 1950s, 60s and 70s that took the movie making world, and the public, by storm.

Ray Harryhausen stands as a beacon to today’s fantasy filmmakers as the creator who inspired them and made the impossible possible.

There are a number of websites that either devote themselves to Ray’s work or at the very least mention his name prominently, but it is hoped that this official website will provide everyone who requires a true and personal account of his life and work a first and final stop for all that is Ray Harryhausen.

The site provides details of news and events as well as exclusive and unique information.  

We will now be offering an on-line store in which we will be selling a limited amount of memorabilia from Ray's collection. All items will be embossed with the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation name and logo to distinguish them between similar product available elsewhere. The products available will be updated and items available increased in the future. Please note that all proceeds from the sale of these items will go towards the Foundation and its task to preserve and restore models, moulds, artwork and thousands of other items in the collection, for the future.

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We are pleased to announce that we now have a Harryhausen Facebook page and Twitter so you can keep right up to date with all that is happening with Ray and the on-going work of the Foundation.

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The definitive Ray documentary has now been completed.

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Ray moves a model of Medusa into various positions to show how movement is animated


Birthday celebrations, BAFTA award, London Film Museum and more ...


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